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Avo 2

Avo 2

The AVOCADO Theme (Blogger Theme) is a Custome Theme for Blogspot by Google.
You Can Customize it with Template Designer in the Dashboard of Blogspot.

Purchase it as Starter for Just $39.90.

-Include Custom Fonts, Colors, Widget & Gadget.
One Column Theme/ Left & Right Images
Seo Optimized
Seo Analystic Tool (Blogger)
Custome Template Designer
Custome Colors, Fonts, Size
Custome Layout (Width)
Recent Post Widget
Image Label Widget/ Gadget
Sidebar (Single Page /Right)
Responsive Design
Mobile & Devices
Onclick Install
Social Network Links
Instagram API Widget/ Gadget
Pinterest API Widget/ Gadget
YouTube API Widget/ Gadget
Installation Guide

The Theme is made for Blogspot, Blogger Platform and can easy Purchased by Paypal.
If you need help to Install please feel free to contact us : support[@]questythemes.com

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